Reasons Why Its Not About The Ceremony But The Marriage

Reasons Why Its Not About The Ceremony But The Marriage

Most people now take more importance In the ceremony more than the home, they spent months and days preparing for that marvelous wedding but they don’t care if it’s going to be a marvelous marriage or not.

I was talking to a woman that wanted out of her 6months marriage, when she told me, all I was thinking at that time was the preparation for the wedding ceremony which took months and money but she never for once thought about the preparation for the marriage she is going into.

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She didn’t spend just one day to prepare for her marriage not to talk of months just like she and the rest families had done for the ceremony. Won’t it be better for them to spend months in preparing for the marriage than the ceremony? So they could have a better understanding about the marriage they are going into.

On the wedding day they are so excited, two weeks later they start asking question, have I done the right thing? Have I made a mistake?

Only if people can just think about it, a fabulous wedding but a disastrous marriage, it’s not about how great the ceremony is but about how great the marriage is going to be.

I was at a wedding of someone I know, before the D-day, they had talk about the wedding, the money, the venue, the food, the guest and so on but nobody is talking about the preparation for marriage and the lady getting married isn’t much of a good cook, she cannot really do house chores

The lady knows, her parents know, the family knows but I am not sure if the husband also knows but thinks he will cope. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they will divorce but what I am saying is that the foundation is shaky already and a shaky foundation means a collapsed house. Instead of her or them spending months preparing for the wedding why can’t they spend some time in working on the foundation too, we are talking about the foundation that will carry their marriage for years.

Maybe you are reading and you feel this is not talking to me; it is talking to you because yours might be different. Are you a good home manager? Can you control your anger and emotions? Are you submissive? Are you not stubborn, arrogant and talk down on your partner? These and many more are the things you should check for in your life, so you can start your marriage preparation on it.

Marriage doesn’t depend on how much you spent in the ceremony, it doesn’t depend on who grace the occasion and it definitely doesn’t depend on how fabulous the ceremony is but it depends on how much you spend preparing yourself for the marriage.

marriage preparationWhy do you need marriage preparation?

Preparation makes you to be aware of the likely thing you will face which makes you work on how to handle them. It won’t meet you unaware, like someone travelling to the USA in the winter; the person should know he/she needs pullover, you don’t just go empty handed but go prepared with series of pullovers to protect yourself from the weather

According to the Wikipedia, preparation is a management principle whereby people get ready for a final product for a successful experience. Preparation means “a substance especially prepared.” Preparation is a proceeding or readiness for a future event as a goal and an acceptable accomplished final outcome. It is to make something acceptable before you give it to others

Ask yourself. Am I acceptable? And please don’t say that’s who I am, he/she will take me as I am, if he/she loves me, he will accept me like that. No he/she won’t accept you because you are not acceptable, why will he/she accept you when you are not acceptable;  can you even accept yourself?

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Marriage is not all bed of roses, so you need to be prepared for you to know how to handle situations as they arises and there are some situations that will be very simple but just because you don’t know how to handle it, it turned to a big issue.

I am not saying it’s not good to have a good wedding and preparation but what I am saying is the marriage is more important than the wedding, so you should prepare yourself for the marriage just as you prepare yourself for the wedding this will help you to have a fabulous wedding and a fabulous marriage to match.

Your marriage is the outcome of what you put into it; don’t expect your marriage to be great if you failed to put great things into it. If you want your marriage to be great, you have to prepare yourself to put great things in it just as you prepare for your wedding ceremony to be a success and great and expect a great outcome.

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