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They say as you lay your bed is how you will lay on it. Just as your life, you marriage is what you make out of it. I will say the family is the best thing one could have in this life. Life isn’t fair we all know that but when life pushes you around, there is no better feeling than having a good wife and husband to go home to. We always say home sweet home but if you do not do the right thing, I will tell you it might not be home sweet home, instead it might be home bitter home. There won’t be any need for oh had I know if you really put your family and home first. What you give is what you get. It’s difficult for a farmer to plant to maize and expecting to harvest yam when its time for harvesting, what I am saying in essence is, your dedication and what you give to your home and family is what your home and family will give back to you.

What is a home?

A place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household

Imagine having a tough day outside, maybe at work or something and you still can’t even go home because your home can’t help the situation. I believe the home and family is the only people that truly care about you. Home and outside life is just like earth and heaven, we all struggle on earth, fight to survive, compete for space etc but what gets us going is the hope that is in heaven, that one day we are going to leave this earth and go to heaven where there will be no more worries. Exactly that’s what I meant, let the outside world be the earth and your home the heaven. Heaven is great

Where is heaven?

A place regarded in various religions as the abode of God (or the gods) and the angels, and of the good after death, often traditionally depicted as being above the sky

Do you know that smile somebody with good deeds put on when they are about to die because they know they are going to heaven? Yes that’s the kinda smile that should come to our face whenever we are going home because we are going to our heaven on earth

How to make your home heaven on earth, here are some steps to follow to make your home heaven on earth

Love your wife/husband (children and family) truly

I know some people will be surprised about that statement but it’s the truth. People get married for different reasons, some for money, some because of family pressure, some for sex and so on but what I am saying here is, whatever the reason is for getting married, let it be for the right reasons because there is more to marriage than just sex, money or age. The first step is to love your wife/husband truly, if you love your wife/husband truly, you will love your children and if you love your wife/husband and children you won’t do anything to hurt them


Don’t ever look outside

There are always some activities outside the home that you could actually get carried away with but no matter how tempting they are, never let the outside break you. Put you family first in every decision you want to make. Think about the effects your decision is going to have on your family. We have some fathers that take decision of spending all their income on beers and remaining nothing for the family and likewise some women spend on their income on material things, clothes, jewelleries, some even prefer going to parties than their family.

Note; it’s no more just you, it’s us and every decision must be taken collectively

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Do things together, have fun

Doing things together will improve your love life, let your communication percentage be 100%. Tell your spouse almost everything you have in mind. Discuss with each other before you take decisions, they say two heads are better than one, and if both of you work together as one will help improve everything about your family. And two will come together and become one. In this case, stop working as two and start working as one. Wife respect your husband and be submissive, and husband take care of your wife, be her king and she will be your queen. Take time out together as family, maybe every weekend depending on your work schedule. Never take going out together on a date for granted, it strengthens your marriage and love bond

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Marry when the time is right and marry your best friend

When I say marry your best friend, it doesn’t mean if he/she is not your friend, don’t marry him/her. No, what I meant is the two of you should be able to get along without getting tired if each other and when you are not together you miss each other. Don’t get married to him/her because you are pregnant, the first mistake is getting pregnant but don’t because of that rush yourself into the second mistake. I am not saying you shouldn’t marry the mother or father of your unborn child, what I am saying is because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you must marry him/her if he/she is not the right person for you. Don’t get married due to family pressure or age, its better you get married at the age of 40 and enjoy your marriage life till death than getting married at the age of 25 and living a miserable life in your marriage till death. Don’t ever forget, it’s not always HOW FAR but HOW WELL

NOTE: making a home heaven on earth is in the hands of the man the most, don’t get me wrong the woman also has some work to do but most of the work is for the man. Women are vulnerable so they tend to act according to what the man ordered. So let the men hold the mantle of leadership and lead well and your wife and children will follow you

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