Why Nothing Should Change After the “I do’s”


Keep Doing It, Maintain The Flow In Your Relationship/Marriage


One mistake we always make is that after marriage we believe we have won the battle and we can relax meanwhile the war has just began so keep doing it, don’t stop doing it, keep doing what you did to win his/her heart, don’t ever stop doing it. Don’t relax it’s not time for relaxing.

Nothing should change after the “I do’s” are said. Consistency breeds security in relationships. That’s why the word of God says that with him there is no “variableness, neither shadow of turning ” (James 1:17 KJV).

This is why I always tell people to be yourself for the person that wants to marry you because it’s the act you are showing he falls in love with. If you are Esther and you decided to act like Ruth you will get a man that will fall in love with Ruth. What happens after marriage when you can’t continue to be Ruth anymore? When you really want to be yourself? If he falls in love with the Ruth you displayed but you later changed back to your normal self which is Esther there might be troubles which might result in problems in your marriage.

Don’t be fake, be real ,be yourself and the person God has assigned for you will locate you, the person is going to fall in love with everything others hate about you.

The most important thing is, you shouldn’t relax after marriage, don’t reduce the tempo, don’t stop doing whatever you were doing before the marriage. Don’t have the mindset that we’ll, she’s all mine now, he’s all mine now so it’s not important because it is very important. That’s the only way you will enjoy your marriage just the way you enjoyed it when you started dating or before you started dating.

There is this saying that whatever you do to get that you better don’t stop doing it for you to keep it. For the note of it, if you used to worship your God for 5hours a day before and you later reduced it to 1hour maybe because of busy schedule or too much comfort don’t be surprise if you stop getting the normal blessings you used to get from him or maybe it reduces too. Yes I’m telling you that’s how bad it could get and I am not making it up, if you don’t believe it ask people around.

Maybe you are a lady and your husband always shower you with everything you want, pay all your bills but you think it’s normal. It’s his duty so you don’t need to appreciate him or you stopped appreciating him because you are used to him doing it that you believe is no more important for you to do it. Well I’m telling you now that it’s very important for you to do it and continue doing it as long as it takes. The same thing goes for the men, don’t take it for granted. This will make you stay happy forever in your marriage and relationship. You will have a lively and lovely relationship.

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