The problem some husband’s have with their WIVES is that, she is BEAUTIFUL. The fact that she is beautiful is a reason for her to cheat on them, even after accepting their ring and the lifetime choice to spend the rest of her life with them as their wife. It’s these same men that won’t go for a woman if she is not beautiful according to their specs.
Their wife’s beauty make them insecure to the extent of suspecting their wife of having an affair with every man they see her with not caring whoever it is. They will suspect her of having an affair with their brothers, best friends, her colleagues at work, even her brothers. Yess! Her brothers. As funny and weird as it seems, some men are that insecure with their wife because she is beautiful.
Recently I went to pick up my clothes from my tailor and met him having a big argument with his best friend, that caused a scene. I got to know the man he was Quarreling with is his best friend after some enquiry. These men are in their early fourties . According to him, his best friend came to his shop to harass him of having an affair with his wife because his wife told him he met her on her way back from work and decided to do her the favor of dropping her at home. To compensate him for the kindness and make up for a long time of not seeing each other after her wedding party, she decided to serve him food before he left. Her mistake was telling her husband his best friend dropped her at home after work that day and she served him food, if it was a mistake at all. I know what you are thinking. His wife had a bad past of flirting with men Plus, His friend is a player. One not to trusted around women, even your wife. No. She is very responsible and his friend (my tailor) is not that kind of person. He is a very responsible married man with his family as well. His best friend is just insecure with men around his wife because of her beauty. This same friend (my tailor) was their best man during their wedding and he was there for him all through from their traditional to white wedding. He even had to leave his family and travel with his friend to his wife’s village for their traditional wedding. After the wedding he has been keeping in touch before this incident. Only to be acused now of having an affair with his friends wife because of a little kind gesture of dropping his friends wife at their home and accepting her offer of food.
According to him, he is not the first one his friend is acusing of having an affair with his wife. He has even acused his wife’s elder brother of hooking her up with men. He has even acused his younger brother of having an affair with his wife because of their closeness. This has made his in-laws and brothers stopped visiting him. Some of his friends that know his attitude have even stopped associating with him. It is only my tailor that he can say is his only friend. I bet this incident is the end of their friendship. It was so appalling that everyone that heard what happened called him stupid and a grown up boy. This gets me wondering the shame his wife go through every day putting up as his wife. How does she do it? Your husband can’t see you with a person of the opposite sex, or hear you were with one without thinking you are having an affair with him. Very shameful.
If you are a man like this, you should change your attitude. Let me tell you why:

A marriage is supposed to be enjoyed even though it has its challenges like this one. You shouldn’t be tearing it apart with your attitude and insecurities. Your wife may not tell you because of her respect for the marriage vow and you. It doesn’t mean she is okay with your attitude towards other men you see around her. You are making her regret her choice of accepting you as her husband. If a woman starts feeling like this, anything can happen next. Trust me, it would be something you won’t like or expect from her.

Yess! She chose you as her husband and decided to settle down with you and not the other men. It’s a choice you should respect. She must have had other men chasing her or asking to marry her, but she chose to settle for you. Even if other men are chasing her after your marriage, she needs you to trust and respect her choice of sticking to you. It will help her when she face them. It insecurities like yours that make some women cheat on their husband. She chose you. You should respect her choice of staying with you and not those men you cause her of having an affair with.
There is a general believe that beautiful ladies are the best to cheat because men are always attracted to them. Well, men are attracted to beautiful ladies yess, but it is not to say all beautiful ladies are cheats. I know a lot of them that are very responsible and stick to one man no matter how many men approach them for a relationship, even after they have been through several heart breaks. That your wife is beautiful does not mean she will cheat on you. Let her know you trust her. She needs it from you as her husband and life partner, to raise a happy family with you.

We all need our friends and family to live a happy life. Loneliness is the quickest way to self destruction. Acusing every male you see around your wife of having an affair with her, to the extent of her brothers, your brothers, her friends, and your friends, is chasing people that you need around you to be complete, away. No one will want to be associated with you and your family. You will be chasing people that you will need some days to be there for you, away. We all need to be in a good relationship with our family members and good friends. Aside this, you won’t be settled to take care of yourself and handle important matters in your life as your concerns will only be about your wife cheating on you with other men. Trust your mind to always play a trick on you if you keep giving it this image of your wife cheating on you, it will be the only thing you will be thinking about. Trust your wife and save yourself and your marriage the stress.
One of the way men push their wife away from them is by not trusting them. By not trusting her around other men, you are telling her that you don’t believe her heart is with you. Ladies love and want their man to know they will be faithful always to them and appreciate it when you let them know you trust them. Doing otherwise is pushing them away and giving them a second thought about your marriage. Why did you marry her in the first place if you don’t trust her? She is not in your life to be a fancy wife. She is in your life to enjoy you as her husband.
No one is perfect in life. We all have some things  we get to do away with as we grow. Do away with the attitude of accusing your wife of having an affair with any man you see her, or hear she is with and watch your marriage blossom. Have I been able to let you see why you should stop believing that your wife’s beauty is a sign she will cheat on you? Feel free to let me through the comment section below.

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