How To Be Happy and Handle Your Marriage If Your Husband Cheats

How To Be Happy and Handle Your Marriage If Your Husband Cheats


I always tell ladies, their husband will cheat on them, they don’t always like to hear it but its the truth because men are bound to cheat, its in our nature. It takes a very responsible and discipline man not to cheat on his wife. The question the ladies always ask me whenever I tell them that their husband will cheat on them is. Will I also cheat on my wife?, my answer to them is No. Most of them asked this question because they don’t want to face it which I don’t blame them. Its not easy to accept a cheating husband. My main reason of writing this article is to prepare our single ladies for the cheating task ahead in a marriage and to advice the married ladies on how to handle a cheating husband . Lots of married women always chat me up to complain to me. Pls what can I do? My husband is cheating on me. Well here is your answer

1. Fantasy Doesn’t Work In Marriage

Most ladies,always have this picture in their head, a Bonnie and Clyne kinda picture. They tend to go all in with their body,spirit and soul, thinking its a fantasy world ,where all they do is live happily ever after. Don’t get me wrong,I’m not saying you won’t or can’t live happily ever after, what I’m saying is don’t let yourself loose. In cases when the woman still have the fantasy picture in her head,and she catches her husband cheating,she loses control,heartbroken,suffers emotional breakdown, which leads to mental illness in some women and most women finding it hard to hold it together. This is the beginning of breakage in marriage. How it works here is, forget fantasy, be a girl scout and know the motto by heart. “BE PREPARED”

2. Face Reality(Be Prepared)

Facing reality is for you to accept the flaw in men. This flaw is our annoying cheating habits. By accepting the flaw ,you won’t be very disappointed when it happens, if you are prepared for it ,you won’t be surprise,it won’t take you unaware. You will end up handling the matter maturely which might also put fear in your husband who’s expecting you to be heartbroken.

3. Show Him Love and Be The Best Wife You Could Be

I know after the cheating incidence,you will be disappointed and feel like all your work and stress as a wife in his home is not worth it. Its normal to think like that but on the contrary,instead of hating him,show him more love. According to research they say men are like puppies,we always go to where we are loved. Tell him your mind,let him know you’re disappointed but don’t nag. Do you work at home as the wife , prepare his meal,take care of the home and kids,give him sex whenever he asked for it and ask too whenever you need it. Talk and laugh with him. Be happy with your family

4. Have Friends

In this situation,you need friends,you need something that won’t make you feel lonely,that won’t make you think. Socializing is one best way to free your mind off worries. Make sure you chose the right sets of friends,not the ones that will increase the tension in you and is better when you don’t tell all of them what has happened,you can tell one of your friends you trust and is more closer to you. You are doing these to release pressure off you and to free your head from worries

5. Don’t be a full housewife

Being a full house can never help. Its never easy for a woman to overlook her husband cheating habits,and in cases where the husband doesn’t stop cheating, it keeps getting to the wife, affecting her both emotionally and mentally. There is a 95% chance the woman will be sad most of the time and depressed if she’s a full housewife. Its not as if she will be talking about her marriage to her coworkers at work. The main reason for her to get a job is to get busy with something,to refresh her minds, for her to have different people to talk and laugh with, so she won’t be lonely and depressed and so that her husband won’t be able to restrict her movement to only indoors. Its normal for your husband to question you whenever you are going out if you’re not working but that won’t be the case if you’re working, because you definitely have to go to work

6. Follow the rhythm

That your husband is cheating on you doesn’t mean the marriage is bad already, its just when your real work as a wife starts. Before marriage most ladies almost have this indian love kinda thing in their head,this is how i want the marriage to be. If you still have indian love in your head there is a probability you will still be sad even if your husband is perfect,caring and still does his job as the husband and father but the only fault he has is cheating. There are some husband that cheats,get drunk,won’t take care of the wife and still sleeps outside. So you should be grateful if yours is just cheating but still a good husband and father to your children. To follow the rhythm all you have to do is,
1. Before marriage remove any indian love song you have in your head. It prepares you for the reality
2. This is the most delicate place, here you choose which song to replace your indian song with. Some ladies will make the wrong choice,by going for hip-hop, which is too fast. In hip-hop you dance,sweat and get tired(hip hop in this context means, you take it hot with your husband ,you fight him ,nag at him over the cheating issue). This won’t help matters. The best song for you my dear is blues. Though it sound like another love song but trust me its so different. In this kind of song, there won’t be any noise and there won’t be any dull moment, its a rhythmic song,all you have to do is move/flow with the rhythm(what the blues song means is. “flow with the rhythm”,it means when your husband shows you love crazily,reciprocate, when he shows you love averagely,return it too. The moral of the lesson here is, don’t expect too much.

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