God,You,Your Prayers and Your Marriage

God,You,Your Prayers and Your Marriage

 “But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” Isaiah 59:2

I have been wondering for a while now and I have been looking for the answers to this challenge because sometimes when I see the life of some prayerful Christians,going to the mountains to pray, going to crusades etc it always prompt me to always want to ask, truly is there God up there? But I will be deceiving myself if I say there is no God because have seen things that prove to me that, there is God personally in my life, people’s life and on earth generally.

So the questions are, why are some Christians not getting answers to prayers? What are they doing wrong?

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There are many questions to be asked, but no matter the questions asked, it all goes down to this simple analogy which I’m about to share with us. It’s a wide topic/discussion, but I will be talking about marriage here.

When I look into marriages and I see a partner (especially women) in tears, crying to God for intervention in her marriage, I’m always moved. And if you get to ask questions, or inquire you might be surprised to hear that she has been crying to God for the past years for intervention in her marriage but the situation is still the same and in some cases even gone worse. One thing I know is that, God answers prayers and God is not a wicked God. So what’s the problem? What are you doing wrong?. It doesn’t happen only in marriages, it happens even in our life, but we are discussing marriage now.

I will list some few important points for us that I will want us to take into consideration and follow.

1. Righteousness : this is very important and it’s the first step before anything. Being righteous means walking with God in spirit and in truth. First you must accept Jesus as your lord and saviour and give your life to him totally. I know some people will be talking now that, will someone that doesn’t accept Jesus Christ be praying? Well, it’s possible and I’m mentioning it again in case someone that hasn’t is reading. One major challenge is, most times when people give their life to Christ, they only give some part of their life not all their life which include their character, attitude and behaviour. You can’t claim to be righteous and still be wicked, selfish, mean etc because all these things are small in our eyes but big in God’s eyes. All these could hinder your prayers. In addition to things that could hinder your prayers are hatred and unforgiving spirit. When Adam was in Eden, the communication between man and God was a smooth channel, like you are discussing with a partner but sin destroyed that channel which makes it harder for human to communicate with God. So for you to communicate with God you need to create that channel which can only be created in spirit and in truth, rendering the flesh and body useless, so that your spirit can connect to heaven. Are you doing this? No forces can block or stop your prayers in this kind of mood.

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2. Humility: You might be thinking that, do people gets proud with God. Well, I am going to say this, yes people’s do and some times it might not be pride directly but there are ways you show to God that you’re not humble. For God to work on your case faster, you need to be humble, being humble means surrendering yourself to him to do whatever he pleases with you. We can also call it submission, are you putting everything about your life and marriage at his feet. Do you want him to break you and make you to what he feels is good for you? Or you are holding back. Your prayer might not be answered if you don’t lower yourself before him. Some times God needs to remould us, to build you because you might be functioning as SUV but he knows you will function well if you are a Ferrari but you are not allowing him and you are wondering why you haven’t seen any changes. Think about it

3. Sacrifice : Are you ready to sacrifice anything, everything just to move God’s hand and heart? How much are willing to sacrifice? Are you fulfilling your part of the deal by paying your tithes? Are you stealing from God? When the widow woman who has nothing in his house saw the prophet, she didn’t hold back the little she has but she cooked for the prophet which moved the prophets heart because he knows she has sacrifice all what she has left and she received her miracle instantly. Yours might not be a prophet, it might just be the needy. God moves in many ways.

He said in his word
” when I was hungry you didn’t give me food, when I was naked you didn’t clothe me”.

4. Make way : When you are praying, it means you need something to change. Prayer is the tool as christian that we use to control the physical through the spiritual. Do you believe that spiritual controls the physical in this life? If you do, then you should know that when you pray, you’re sending signals in the spiritual realm for something to happen in the physical. Since you now understand this, let me explain it to you. Ok, look at this explanation. Let’s say you sent soldiers to wipe out a community because you are angry with them. The soldier agreed, they load up their guns and armours but on getting to the community the soldiers saw you in the community with guns and armours. What do you think they will do? Don’t worry, I will tell you. They will tell themselves, I think she’s fighting the war by herself, it’s like she doesn’t need us and they will turn back.

Most of the time, we pray to God, we cry, we fast and commit it to God but after prayer which is spiritual, we go back in the physical and start the war ourselves. How do we start this war? We start it by going to our partner to nag him, talk him, show them that they should change of the things that you have already told God about. Let me ask you this, what will you do if someone came to report your son to you and the person left but on seeing your son, you saw him crying. When you asked he told that the same person beats him up. Won’t you be disappointed and maybe nearly confront the person to fight him/her? Why do you feel like this? It’s because you feel the person reported to you because you’re the mother and that you can handle the situation but the person went ahead to take judgement to his/her hand by beating your son which makes you feel bad and very disappointed. That’s how God feels also, so when you pray to God to take control, you must be ready to let him take full control if you want to get your answers and results. You can’t tell an auditor to audit your account for you but keep some parts of the accounts out. You can never get a good result of auditing.

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One last thing I want you to take note of is, our God is a very jealous God and he said in his word, I will never share my glory with anybody.

“I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not give my glory to anyone else, nor share my praise with carved idols”. Isaiah 42 : 8

So when he’s working on something, he wants to be the only one working on it, so he can get his full glory. You can’t call God into it and still be holding onto it by fighting it with your human knowledge. If any changes or turn around should happen, you will praise yourself.

“When I made the house very hot for him, that’s how he change. I stopped cooking for him and giving him sex, that’s how he came back to his senses” .

In other for this not to happen, God will just be looking until you’re ready for him so that at the end you will tell people of his goodness, share the testimony and give in the Glory that he is indeed God.

If you have done all these perfectly well and still waiting for your answers, then don’t be worried, don’t fear. It means God wants your testimony to move people, touch lives and shake the earth, that’s why he’s taking his time. Be happy

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