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lifeloveandmarriage.com is a media publishing different relationship and marriage articles for our viewers to search and find the right article needed to help their relationships/marriages.
Our name is Love venture. Love Venture was created in december 2014 and lifeloveandmarriage.com was created in 2015 with the sole aim of entering into homes,relationships and marriages, and help them solve their crises,misunderstanding through our different relationship and marriage articles. We believe we can help eradicate and reduce divorce rate around the world and build happy homes,happy family and of course happy children which leads to happy society.

We have good admins ,who dedicates their time and resources in writing. They put physical marriage problems to writing ,and write out the solutions on how to go about it if it occurs again or maybe if you are facing the same challenges in your home.
We do more than just writing for our viewers. We also leave our doors open for personal advice. Maybe you couldn’t find any article that can help solve your relationship and marriage problems and you need someone to lean on,someone to talk to, you need advice. Pls don’t hesitate to contact us via email or call and we will be readily available to help you out. I know you will be glad you did, we have lots of success stories. Let us add yours to our success stories.

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